Creative International School humbly started in
September 2002 and was founded by Mr. HAMAD AL-ASKAR &
Mr.ABDUL AZIZ AL-BAADI with great enthusiasm. The
school showed progress from the initial stage. The
school complex has beautifully planned for Nursery,
Boys & Girls sections in separate areas. The
arrangement for Computer Lab, Science Laboratory and
library has been provided for Primary & Secondary
sections separately.

As per the directives of MOE the Second Semester Examination has been re-scheduled and has to be completed by sunday 24th May 2015 for Grade I to Grade IX. To check new schedule go to Academic-->Examination
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Why Creative Academy ?  
It is a universal fact that the mental age of a child almost always corresponds to their
physical age. Children must not be pushed too much at the tender age nor should they
be deprived of adequate challenge.
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